Community Studies of Antisemitism in Schools (CSAIS) Community Typology Explorer


This is a companion document to the CSAIS (Community Studies of Antisemitism In Schools) Community Typology Explorer which can be found at Details about specific incidents, communities, and community types can be found at the CSAIS Community Typology Explorer. This project utilizes data from the ADL H.E.A.T. Map between 2016 and 2019 to identify incidents of antisemitism that specifically took place in schools. These incidents in schools are influenced by demographic, historical, social, and political factors. This project brings this data together to construct a community typology at the national level. This typology will provide insight into the ways that school-based incidents of hate are enacted and reported in context. Developing a community typology will allow providers to better target specific demographic, historical, and political attributes of the communities in which these incidents occur through curriculum and learning experiences.

Jeremy F Price
Jeremy F Price
Assistant Professor

Public scholar-advocate invested in working with marginalized and minoritized youth and communities to build an inclusive and just democratic project by transforming learning and teaching environments.