equity and inclusion

Well-Rounded Course Access Project

Building accessibility and inclusion into K-12 online courses provided to the students of Indiana.

1008 Student Learning Recovery Grant

COVID-19 response grant to provide learner resilience and recovery.

Research Support Funds Grant 2022

Illuminating Third Spaces Between STEM and Intersectionally Marginalized Identities to Co-Construct Multiple STEM Education Pathways

Bridging Teacher Preparation, Technology, and Justice

Bringing ideas of racial justice and inclusivity into the field of Teacher Education with Technology.

Title IV Well-Rounded Course Access Grant

Supporting equity and inclusion in online courses for K-12 students across Indiana

Indiana Governor's Emergency Education Relief Grant

COVID-19 response grant to support teachers, schools, and communities.

Technology as a Bridge to Co-Create Environments for Equity and Inclusion in Education

Computer Use in Education

The course that all undergraduate teacher education students take prior to being admitted into the program.

Teaching as Gardening with Technology: Supporting Equity, Inclusion, and Engagement

An example talk using Wowchemy's Markdown slides feature.

Current Technology Trends

This course investigates innovations, emerging technologies, and technology's role in education reform.